Flat Stanley

Barrett's Flat Stanley from Saranac Elementary School will be traveling around the world with Sara for the next few weeks, here is the update of his adventures.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Toulouse France in review

Patty, FS, Susan in the king size bed at the Crowne Plaza in Toulouse, France FS in the bidet at the hotel with his shower cap on - isn't he cute!?!?!?

A duck, which in French is un canard

local street signs Sara, FS, Patty in the public gardens - enjoying the beautiful pond & cute little houseFS posing like the statue in the public gardens AirBus A380 plane (double decker plane - note the HUGE engines)

Flat Stanley with new French friend (can't remember his name right now) Susan, FS, and Patty at the enterance to the Japanese gardensSara & FS on the bridge of the Japanese gardens (tons of goldfish in the water, just hard to see from the photo) flags from left to right are European Union (blue with gold stars), French flag (blue, white and red), and finally the local county flag for Midi Pyrenees (red with gold markings)


Blogger Shannon said...

Ok, so B has the coolest Flat Stanley...out touring with three beautiful women. How did he rate like that? Love ya guys.

3/5/06 16:16  
Blogger Sara said...

Well ya know hot guys attract beautiful women (lol).

It's a ton of fun, but we do wish you & B were here to go with us!!!

Love ya xxoo

5/5/06 11:09  

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